Multi Lingual Credit Control

Support (1st Party)

What does our
Credit Control Service involve?

Our team will telephone and speak with your clients as your company. Using all your branded communication such as email addresses, dedicated inbound telephone lines – your client enjoys no difference in continuity of service.

Our team members assigned to your project will be introduced to you and what separates Baker Ing International from other service providers is the business reassurances we provide:


Why would you use

Credit Control Support…?

Credit and Collections process of a company is the centre of financial health.

There will be times when Working Capital and Cash Collection targets are peaked, this could be due to Reporting Periods, Year End, Merger & Acquisition Funding or Seasonal demands.

Tap into a qualified resource pool to increase verbal customer contact and achieve three key objectives and more:

‘’What is your one Days Sales Outstanding (DS0) value,

what client segments are increasing DSO…?’’


We can help you collect outstanding debt…..

Debt Collection