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Shared Debtor Sector Knowledge with Industry Credit Professionals

Should mediation and all amicable attempts for payment fail, it is inevitable that Legal services is the next course of action.

Once you reach Legal stage your priorities and assessment also change as well as the obstacles you must overcome. Baker Ing International has launched a two-tier support process to guide our clients through the Legal journey with each case that reaches final stage. To ensure a centralised and seamless Global solution; our appointed case Credit Manager will manage your Reporting and Updates whilst an in country dedicated, Recovery Lawyer delivers the Service.

It is the stage between in-house Collections and in-country Legal Services that Credit Professionals often report failings of their incumbent Service Providers. Little or no communication, poor Reporting, loss of control and a change in attitude towards the importance of recovery are common problems we hear through our Network.

Baker Ing International embraces innovation within Technology but we also respect the required balance of human interaction.  We believe we have a solution that entwines the continuity of your specialist Credit Manager service with the real time position of cases in Legal with an appointed country Lawyer.

We work through numerous API’s and XML data feeds to ensure our Software provides a Service Level Agreement/Reporting that meets your demand. Once a case is with local Lawyers you can interact directly via our platform and view actions being delivered; providing a complete audit trail of proven actions and debtor communication.

We provide record from Day 1 of assigning case at Mediation Stage through to the result within Legal & Enforcement Stage, this can collate an evidence report for any required Due Diligence or cross department information share.

Prior to any Litigation or Legal action, we understand it will impact other Stakeholders within your business and often you will need to prove the need to proceed, particularly if there are additional costs involved.

Baker Ing International will provide a formal Pre-Legal Report Form from a named, qualified Paralegal providing the following information to you regarding recommended Legal Action:

Should a case progress from our Mediation and Third-Party Stage, you have not assigned it to our team at Legal stage, you can expect our Paralegal recommendation by Day 45.

We believe traction is key in successful recovery and keeping hold of a debt only increases the Risk profile;

if Mediation is not successful within 45 days or the assigned Credit Manager has not agreed extended terms due to progress – we will Report required escalation.

  1. 1.

    Recommendation to proceed based on a Live status company with a time stamped, qualifying Credit Report.

  2. 2.

    Full notes extract of recovery actions taken so far to recover monies and checklist that all possible actions have been delivered.

  3. 3.

    Propensity to Pay Score

  4. 4.

    Paralegal brief noting Mortgages/Charges and significant Creditors that may instigate Petition to Wind Up based on any advertised information that would jeopardise realisation of monies owed to you

  5. 5.

    Full quote breakdown of No Win No Fee Rate and associated Court Costs, Legal charges/hourly rates with signatory strip for you to sign permission to proceed

  6. 6.

    Local Country Laws:  Statue of Limitation, Enforcement and Recovery.  Any Country Risk elements and Currency Restrictions that may impact payment of successful judgement

“What if Legal Action is not recommended?”

“You have expectation and legal right to be paid for goods supplied and services delivered. There are some countries and jurisdictions whereby the rights of the Creditor are more favourable, and it is easier to enforce payment.  Countries where by it is deemed more difficult and the Legal process expensive, you may decide it not commercially viable to pursue Legal action or our Paralegal team have established likely reasons why you would not recover monies owed.”

Baker Ing International support and work with Credit Industry leaders to identify common problems, new Technology and Best Practice within all areas of Order to Cash. If you have had a bad experience such as a bad debt that requires write off, why not join our network and speak to our global community about avoiding this for the future. We can provide introductions to service providers that will relieve the stress from recurring situations but also provide proven ways of improving your Credit & Collection process to protect you from recurrence.

Remember, every business will experience a loss at some stage. You can change a loss into a more positive situation by learning from the experience, documenting where it went wrong and actively using it to assess other clients and onboarding processes.   Please see our ‘Global Credit Services’ for more information on accessing our Global Credit Manager Network and Preferred Suppliers List.

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